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Because our operating theatre is open 24 hours, the caesarean section rate increased, we perform about 50 every month, majority being referral cases. We perform at least 20 major operations and 15 minor ones per week. Our operating room is under expansion and the financial support has been provided by AFRICOMED (our Swiss partners). We plan to construct a surgical ward and begin urology and eye surgery camps.

A Life changing tale

Donors and Partners

Doreen, who suffered for two years from both vesi-covaginal and anorectal fistulas, and her remarkable recovery. Doreen remembers the horrible last year with anxiety and despondency. After a prolonged, obstructed labour two years ago, Doreen delivered vaginally but she recalls a tear because her baby was big; weighing 4.4kgs. With stiches, Doreen was discharged from hospital. Two weeks later, she was incontinent and leaking stool. She went to a hospital and received drugs that seemed to help and she returned to work. Over the next year, however, the problem increased and it was discovered that she had a fistula. In the hands of a retired doctor, Doreen underwent four surgeries to repair the damage but instead it worsened. Heartbroken, her family asked for her referral to another hospital. Because of the fistulas, she not only could no longer work and her husband divorced her. She returned home to live with her parents. After referral at a hospital in Kampala, Doreen was given a colostomy to prevent further damage to her vaginal area and told to return in three months for surgery. Just before she was due for the operation, a doctor advised her about the fistula camp at BCH where she could be treated. Given that her family had already spent all their savings on her previous treatments, they were overjoyed to learn about the camp. At Bwindi, Doreen underwent two operations. Both her fistulas were repaired successfully. For three months, she healed at the hospital, supported by skilled staff. She is now home and has started working again living a new life without isolation and shame. She may yet again marry. The best news is that she can have more children if she wants!

Many women in Uganda suffer from fistula. From the cries of these women, Bwindi runs camps to repair such conditions. A team of committed surgeons work tirelessly to complete the operations. BCH is able to offer obstetric care to women in the entire country.


We have a dedicated surgical team led by Dr. Gideon Kuriigamba and it holds surgical clinics twice a week and an orthopaedic clinic once a month. We regularly host a team of medical specialists from Switzerland and USA who selfishly give their time, energy and talent to enrich surgical services at Bwindi for which we are very grateful.

How you can Help

The costs of running the operating theatre and paying the salaries of the highly trained staff who perform the surgeries and deliver anaesthetics are high. Each Caesarean section costs us $258, and we sometimes perform three a day. Three Caesareans can equal six lives saved. We have received help from the Macauley Foundation (read more), AFRICOMED (read more), Medshare and the Swarovski Crystal Society (read more) for this program, but still need more assistance. Any contribution, however large or small, will go directly to helping those most in need.

Before we opened our Operating Theatre, women from the area had to travel three hours by ambulance for a Caesarean section. We now perform about 14 Caesarean sections each week.