We are looking for $340,000 to equip the entire ward. So far $100,00 has been raised.

Bills of quantities for the ward

Other Funding Priorities

Capital projects:

USD $250,000: An oxygen plant.

USD $75,000: An ambulance

USD $200,000: Land acquisitions.

USD $500,000: Infrastructure for expanded sewage disposal.

USD $200,000: Power upgrade, includes solar, generators, and hydro.

USD $10,000: 20 computers @ $500 each for Hospital to enable service delivery.

Budget requirements for high level service delivery

USD $160,400 annually; maintaining the child health department with a full-time pediatrician.

USD $222,300 annually; maintaining the sexual and reproductive health program area with full-time obstetrician.

USD $140,500 annually; maintaining the surgical services program including a full-time specialty surgeon.

USD$180,000 annually; scholarships for nursing students (120 X $1500).

Upcoming Events