To ensure excellent pastoral ministry and provide an environment for spiritual healing and growth among the staff and patients and the communities around.


To strengthen Chaplaincy and encourage spiritual growth among the staff.

To conduct fellowship meetings aimed at strengthening faith among the staff.

To guide and encourage the hospital staff in the matters of faith, maintaining Christian principles and values with healthy relationships that are in keeping with our Christian institution.

To ensure staff involvement and participation in the ministry to the patients under their care.

To strengthen the OPD ministry by preaching and praying for patients while waiting to be seen by the doctor.

Our Mission:

United to serve and glorify God through:

. Worshiping God

. Fulfilling the Great Commission

. Nurturing the new generation and Developing effective leaders

. Caring for the Community

About St. Luke Chapel.

St. Luke is an exuberant cell based church in the hospital. Our congregation is comprised of hospital staff, patient attendants, and members in the community and Uganda Nursing school students.

St. Luke is a parish of Kinkiizi Diocese a member of the Protestant Anglican church of Uganda, St Luke is a lively Chapel where you can experience meaningful worship and the preaching of the whole counsel of God.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy spiritual atmosphere that will enable worshippers to experience the presence of God. We have a mandate to be alive but not wild, to be conservative but not dead. At our Chapel it is a place to experience God

Fulfilling the Great Commission:

We noticed a spirit of dynamism in our Cell fellowship meetings as members are eager to welcome these meetings in their houses. These meetings are quite refreshing and there is considerable spiritual growth and increased sharing of personal testimonies reflecting what the Lord is doing in their lives a great encouragement to the members.

Once a week,

Each cell hosts the fellowship meeting bringing together all the members of different cells. This happens on Wednesdays. This is an opportunity for sharing the word of God and encouraging one another and praying together. Friday Fellowship meeting.

This brings together the staff, patients and their relatives. It is a time of healing and spiritual renewal. It takes place in the dining hall at 5:30pm.


The worship team comes together for practice and selection of hymns and songs of praise and worship to use during the Sunday service.


The service begins at 08:00am and end at 9:30am. We have Holy Communion on alternate Sundays. Our services also is broadcasted to the patients on the ward, who can’t make it to the Chapel.

Ward prayers:

These are usually conducted by the chaplain in the morning before the staff morning prayers every day.

Healing Prayers:

These may be conducted later after the doctors have finished their ward round. The chaplain does this with other interested people who come in to pray for their friends or relatives or parishioners. Those who are not on the hospital team of preachers and intercessors are advised to see the chaplain before they do any ministry in the hospital.

The Studio:

We are blessed to have a communication system which enables us to pray with patients when we are in the chaplain’s office. Through this system we are able to share the word of God and pray with patients on the wards.

UNSB Fellowship:

This is entirely for students although other interested members are also welcome. It gives students and staff an opportunity to interact and freely share the word and spiritual experiences with one another. This happens every Sunday at 6:00pm. Every student is encouraged to attend.

All these activities are intended to provide an environment for spiritual healing and growth among the members of our community. Make effort to benefit from this programme during your time here and “whatever you do, do it with all your heart as though you are serving the Lord not man” Col.3:23

Caring for the needs of the community:

Good Samaritan Fund.

We are grateful to our congregation who have continued to contribute generously to this Fund. Manybenefit from this fund in terms of food provision and transport.This assists patients who are in dire need of aid. The fund provides financial support to such patients to buy food and at times, also contributes towards the transport of some patients who are referred to other hospitals for further management. The fund is mainly built with the offertory received during the last Sunday of every month. We also get donations from visitors to the hospital towards this fund.

We appreciate all who send in their support through the Good Samaritan fund.

Nurturing the new generation and developing effective leaders:

We are mandated to reach out to the young church, as St. Luke Chapel, we move to the neighboring communities preaching the gospel in to the youths, we also visit secondary schools not only with the gospel but also career guidance & leadership development.

Chapel Council:

There is a chapel Council which sits twice a year This Council is made up of the Worship team and the Team of preachers. Chapel Committee: This is a small Committee made up of five members namely the Executive Director, The Principal Hospital Administrator, the Chairman of the Hospital Christian Fellowship, the Head of Laity and the Hospital Chaplain, The Chaplain Chairs both meetings. The Chapel Committee is the standing Committee of the Chapel Council and works on urgent matter which are very important and cannot wait for the council to sit. It may sit according to the annual work-plan, three times a year or as need be.

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