Diagnostic has a program area was created in 2013 after the emerging of laboratory, Radiography and Sonography departments as collection in the hospital.

Goal: To offer affordable, sustainable, and high quality laboratory, radiology and imaging services for better patient management.

Bwindi community hospital laboratory is one of the best performing laboratories in the whole of south-western Uganda as ranked by Star-South West; an NGO fighting HIV in South Western Uganda.

The laboratory has rapidly developed for the past fifteen years. Currently, the lab carries out averagely 2,510 test per day; and run daily Quality Control on all our tests. We also participate in national Quality Assurance schemes although currently not enrolled in any international Quality assurance schemes. As we continue to develop our testing capacity and patient services our aim is to offer affordable, sustainable, and high quality laboratory services in the region. We offer Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology and Histology services.

With support from Africomed we are remodelling and expanding the microbiology section to contain; Cystology, Bacteriology and culture sensitivity tests.


Bwindi Community Hospital is now a referral facility for radiology services in Kanungu District. The achievements that we have realized in the radiology unit are as result of efforts of the AFRICOMED team. None of the achievements would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of this team. Radiology remains open 24/7 and provides medical X-rays for diagnostic purposes. Our X-ray machines and radiology unit are accredited by the Uganda Atomic Council and we have a license to operate the X-ray machines. The introduction of another X-ray Machine with fluoroscope has not only improved the quality of X-Rays but also improved our diagnostic capabilities in our fertility clinics.

Sonography Department

We offer all kind of ultrasound including; Obstetric ultrasound, Gynecological ultrasound, Abdominal ultrasound, Small parts i.e. thyroid, breasts and scrotum, Soft tissue ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound Ultra sonography helps in;

Early risk identification in pregnancy since every mother should have at least 2 scan during pregnancy at cheap cost this improves maternal and neonatal health.

Focused assessment with sonographer for trauma since we get a lot accident.

Identification of gynecological conditions.

In surgical condition identification

Making good medical diagnosis and treatment

AFRCOMED has not only fully supported our ultrasound and sonography services, but also the training of all sonographers at our hospital, and followed up by conducting capacity building annually.

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