Mental Health

Mental health services at BCH started in 2009 and are being offered with very limited resources with a lot of sacrifice from team members. The service is integrated in the general medical services..

The hospital based services are mainly comprised of outpatients, in-patients services and psycho-social support for patients, attendants and other members of the community.

The community based arm of our mental health service has 3 major components which have led to the further improvement of the lives of some of our clients and their families as indicated below.

Home visits are conducted once a week in the 13 Parishes of our catchment area. We are limited by means of transport so that we are able to reach out to the other 12 parishes.

Support group formation is an activity that we have found very helpful in rehabilitating our clients. The groups have made our psycho education and peer counseling activities very easy and the groups so far formed are; Parents with Cerebral Palsy Children and Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) groups.

Work therapy activities have also been introduced in the program more especially with in members of the AA groups so that they are able to spend the time, energy and other resources in productive activities as part of rehabilitation.