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Scores receive free eye treatment at BCH

More than 1000 people have received free eye treatment for various ailments during vision camps held at Bwindi community Hospital in July and October respectively. The first vision camp was organized with Debbie Young from UK, who had first come to Bwindi in 2017 to trek Gorillas, and later toured the hospital and felt the need to come back and help the community.The camp which took place from the 2nd to 6th July 2018 was conducted by three optometrists Debbie Young, Fiona Broome and Kirsty Hutchinson (who collectively have worked in Uganda on 9 previous trips) plus Rosemary Gorman, the team administrator. The temporary Eye Clinic was set up at Uganda Nursing School Bwindi from where 348 patients were reviewed. Our Ophthalmic assistant, Pedson, has since learnt how to handle many eye conditions as To page 3

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