Oxygen plant appeal


The second wave of covid -19 was more severe compared to the first wave and as a result we had to swiftly open our medical ward before completion to handle the increasing number of covid- 19 cases. With our little resources, we managed many cases in the Bwindi area, though with many constraints on securing Personal protection equipment (PPE) in management of covid cases and very high prices for refilling oxygen cylinders (approximately 15 cylinders of oxygen needed per day) with the nearest filling station being over 100km and on the Bwindi roads and terrain. .

BCH tested and recorded the first patient with a positive RDT for COVID-19 on 17th May, 2021, soon after,the cases escalated and we became the covid treatment centre in our region..

As of June 30th 2021, we had tested 259 people, and with a positivity rate of 52%. We had managed 85 people under home isolation, among these; 76 had been discharged, nine were still being followed up, and no death had been registered.

We admitted 50 patients; 41 had been discharged, one was still admitted and was improving, two were still on ward and in critical state and 6 deaths had been registered.A total of six staff had contracted the disease and fortunately no death.

We are doing everything possible to sustain health services to the community albeit with increasingly limited funding. As we prepare for the 3rd wave, we urgently need your support to help save lives by boosting access to critical oxygen therapy and the availability of personal protective equipment for health workers. We need about 300,000 USD to have an oxygen plant.

Responding to the impact of COVID-19 in Bwindi


Bwindi hospital has piloted taking essential drugs to vulnerable patients in 101 villages in our catchment area. These patients who are already immune suppressed are not able to travel to the hospital to access the medicine due to the travel restrictions put by the government to curtail the spread of COVID-19. A team of 6 nurses goes out to the community every day, so that these vulnerable patients can carry on receiving the care they need. Unfortunately, we do not know how long this will last, however, we would need $27,000 to run this activity for the next three months. .

Construction of 6 Senior staff units


Funding required: USD 100,000, per unit. Status: We are seeking funding pledges.

Ambulance for Outreaches

The hospital conducts weekly outreaches to communities where over 70,000 people are reached and services are extended closer to people in the communities to reduce on the expenses they have to meet traveling from areas 88 km away from the hospital and beyond. We also offer emergency services especially referrals of pregnant and risky mothers who come from their villages to deliver from the hospital. This is achieved using our ambulance which is currently in a bad state due to poor roads in the area.

We are therefore seeking for funds to purchase a new ambulance to help in transporting these vulnerable mothers and other emergencies to the hospital but also help transport referral cases that the hospital is not able to manage to the nearest regional referral hospital that is 6-7 hours drive from our Hospital . Your support is highly appreciated for this noble appeal. Funding required: $75,000 Funding received: $9,000 Status: Actively seeking for funding.

Staff training and development

Top up for a medical officer : $10,056, Training of an orthopedic surgeon:$16,917, Training of a staff in Medical Education-Midwifery:$11,214, Training of a staff in Medical Education-Public Health and Dentistry:$11,214. Status: We are seeking funding pledges.

Staff salaries

Pediatrician, monthly;$2400- Annually;$28800, Gynecologist, monthly;$2400- Annually;$28800, Surgeon, monthly;$2400-Annually;$28800, Physician, monthly;$2400- Annually;$28800, Nurse/Midwife, monthly,$601-Annually;$7211, Medical Officer, monthly;$1447-Annually;$17365, Clinical Instructor, monthly;$946-Annually,13614, Tutor, monthly;$1134, Annually-$13614, Clinical Officer, monthly;$703-Annually,$8441.

IT Infrastructure

Salary support for an IT Programmer:Cost:$ 1200 monthly. Net worker Server: Funding required: $8000, 5 mbps broad band internet Band width with monthly charges Funding required: $1250, 15 Desktops (Intel core i5) Funding Required: $669 for each, 20 laptops (Intel core i5) Funding Required:$ 715 for each. Operational costs for a Mobile Community Health Information System(mCHIS);$152172 annually Status: We are still seeking funding pledges

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