how we manage donations


All of the money contributed to Bwindi Community Hospital goes into our Hospital bank account, whether the money is donated through the U.K., the U.S. or directly to our bank in Uganda.

Notification of all income received is sent to the Hospital Finance Manager, [email protected] And the Hospital Communications team: [email protected]

Financial management

A member of the finance team will acknowledge receipt of the money by email, and record the income on the Hospital QuickBooks financial management computer system.

Income is classified according to the department in the Hospital or project that it is funding. Every department and each project has a budget.

Expenditure is made against budgets, and release of any amount of money requires the signature of the Medical Superintendent, the person in charge of the organisation.

The Hospital has sound financial policies and procedures that are reviewed each year.

The Hospital finances are audited each year by a firm of independent auditors based in Kampala, the capital.

Audited accounts are published on the Hospital website in November of each year.

Communications management

A member of the communications team will acknowledge any donations received and gives timely feedback on how the contribution has been spent.

Feedback is usually by email, although we do send some paper copies of our newsletter.

We do our best to communicate exactly how a donation is spent in order to achieve the goals of the program the contribution is supporting.

Each year we produce an annual report which is sent to supporters and posted on the website.

We produce a newsletter every quarter.

We occasionally write an update or a feature that we share with supporters.

The Hospital never shares contact details of any supporter with any other organisation.

How we apportion money to different areas of the Hospital


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