HIV and TB Services

Our goal is a community free from HIV/AIDS and TB transmission and with all infected clients accessing treatment programs in a safe, confidential and friendly environment.

Uganda still has a high HIV prevalence of 6% according to the 2016 Uganda population based HIV impact assessment report. Among people tested for HIV by BCH, the positivity rate is approximately 2%. Tuberculosis (TB) is the most common cause of deaths in HIV positive patients. Babies born to HIV mothers have 30% chance of getting the virus, but with a safe delivery, drugs for the mother and the child and safe infant feeding, this can be reduced to 0%.

BCH has been working closely with USAID Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services (USAID-RHITES) and health workers at lower health units to implement Bwindi community hospital integrated project. The programme that has been running for the last 5 years ended on 30th September 2020.

The department runs mobile intervention outreaches in addition to the daily HIV clinic. Currently, we have 1,065 clients and all on highly active antiretroviral therapy. 91% of the clients have suppressed viral load, while the majority of clients with non-suppressed viral load are children who are not on their preferred 1st line. It is therefore our focus to have all children put on their preferred 1st line as a recommended by Ministry of Health.

We conduct regular drama shows, dialogue meetings with different stakeholders and radio talk shows to improve awareness and demand for the services we offer.

In the last year,we ;

Conducted drama shows in the communities outside BCH to fight HIV associated stigma.

Pioneered Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) utilization and 180 clients have been enrolled.

Updated post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) guidelines and conduct a teaching to staff on PEP and enrolled 22 clients on PEP. Of these, 14 had unprotected sexual exposure, three had occupational exposure.

Conducted 31 camps and circumcised 662 clients.

Enrolled 54 clients on TB treatment and increased TB completion treatment rate to 95%.

Enrolled all HIV/TB co infected clients on ARVs.

Adapted the new Ministry Of Health TB diagnostic algorithm and the TB treatment guidelines.

Enrolled 100% of PMTCT mothers on the recommended antiretroviral therapy regimens and 7% of the children have been transfered to ART

Enrolled 65 exposed infants in Early infant HIV diagnosis (EID.

Identified eight highly exposed infants (4 mothers had a high viral load, 2 mothers identified positive in the third trimester whereas two mothers were identified in Post natal period).

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