Diagnostics program area consist of two sections. i.e. laboratory and radiology & imaging (X-ray and Ultrasound)

Our goal is to offer affordable, sustainable, and high quality laboratory, radiology and imaging services for better patient management.

We offer Out patients, In Patients and community based services for out reaches and medical camps. Averagely we carry out about 2,510 test per day; and run daily Quality Control on all our tests. The tests we carry out in the Laboratory are;


Blood sugar (RBS, FBS, and OGTTS), Renal Function Tests, Liver Function Tests, A few Electrolytes (Sodium, potassium, Chloride), blood smear for microscopy for microfilaria

Heamatology/Blood transfusion

Hemoglobin levels, Hemogram CBC/FBC, Malaria smear, ESR, Blood Grouping and Cross match, sickling test


Sputum analysis, urinalysis, stool analysis, pus swab analysis including high vaginal swab and urethral discharges, semen analysis, BAT for Brucellosis, CD4 for HIV clients, HIV testing, RPR test for syphilis, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, analysis of body fluids and aspirates including lymph node, pleural effusions, peritoneal fluids, HCG, among others


All samples are currently being referred. We are hoping to soon venture into tele pathology investigations with our partners in German.

We have been ranked the best laboratory in south western Uganda by Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau.


Bwindi Community Hospital is a referral facility for radiology services in Kanungu District. Radiology is open 24/7 and provides medical X-rays for diagnostic purposes. We also do fluoroscope, which has not only improved the quality of X-Rays but also improved our diagnostic capabilities in our fertility clinics.


We offer all kind of ultrasound including; Obstetric ultrasound, Gynecological ultrasound, Abdominal ultrasound, Small parts i.e. thyroid, breasts and scrotum, Soft tissue ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound Ultra sonography helps in;

Early risk identification in pregnancy since every mother should have at least 2 scan during pregnancy at cheap cost this improves maternal and neonatal health.

Focused assessment with sonographer for trauma since we get a lot of accidents.

Identification of gynecological conditions.

In surgical condition identification

Making good medical diagnosis and treatment

We are thankful to the AFRCOMED has not only fully supported our ultrasound and sonography services, but also the training of all sonographers at our hospital, and followed up by conducting capacity building annually.

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