Uganda National liberation day celebrations in Bwindi.

Ladies getting ready to run 100 meters at the nursing school pitch.

On the 26th January 2016, Bwindi community Hospital (BCH) and Uganda Nursing School Bwindi (UNSB) joined the rest of the world to celebrate the Uganda National liberation day. We celebrated the many achievements that have come since the start of the hospital.

The two facilities celebrated the day by participating in a number of activities; Rope pulling, egg throwing, athletics and football matches between women of the hospital and ladies of the school. These were competitions between women/ladies at the hospital and the school which later attracted men of the two facilities to compete against each other in the same activities.
We are glad that the day was celebrated in a colorful way.

Bwindi Community Hospital recognized again

Bwindi Community Hospital won a Public Health Award under the category of “Community Health Impact Award”. For the every first, Public Health Awards were given out in Uganda. The Awards were organized by Ministry of Health and the MAMA Alive Initiative. There were 14 categories including: Community Health Impact Award, Florence Nightingale Award, Innovation for Health Award, CSR in Health Initiative of the year, Corporate Philanthropy in Health Award to mention but a few.

The award ceremony took place at Serena Kampala hotel and it attracted several dignitaries including the State Minister of Health, Hon Sarah Opendi. We are grateful for this honor.


Ebola has never yet appeared in the communities served by Bwindi Community Hospital. But that does not mean that BCH has not considered such a scenario. Recently Dr. Leonard, a pediatrician held a teaching session for the staff on Bwindi Community Hospital’s contingency plans in the event of a suspected case. The staff expressed concern for gate guards and porters and intake nurses as those who might first be unknowingly exposed to Ebola if a case presented to the out-patient ward. Community workers are letting surrounding communities know that any suspected case should be reported to the hospital so that trained health workers can go out to the location and transport the person in, using protocol to avoid contact with other patients and staff. Two consultation rooms and a restroom on the ground floor of the HIV building have been designated as the isolation area. Staff located on that level was informed that they need to have backup workplace plans should the isolation area be set up. Two Ebola kits with aprons, masks, gloves and booties are available in Room 7 of the HIV building with printed instructions. Ebola drills will be held so that everyone knows their duties. The staff wants additional sessions to practice putting on and taking off the Ebola outfits in addition to the printed instructions. A communications system will also be part of the evolving contingency plan so that partner organizations and volunteer teams can make informed decisions.  


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