HIV/AIDS & Tuberculosis

We have got numerous success stories of parents’ hope being restored. This has been possible with option B of PMTCT (where a mother starts taking ARVs at 14 weeks).
Between November 2011 and April 2012, we discharged 31 mothers from our PMTCT program. 30 of these had their babies test negative of HIV. Big thanks to our donors and partners in this cause like Elton John Foundation (EJAF), Star South West, AIC,MOH.  We can’t spell our success without you.
 Having a highly motivated team that conducts routine community outreach programmes in this hard to reach area, together with the integrated services at the hospital has ensured this success.


HIV-AIDS-TB "Claire is my only child free from HIV/AIDS virus" Honest, 23 years narrated. I was tested at BCH when I had gone to attend antenatal clinic and was found HIV positive. Upon receiving the results I got shocked and thought I would give birth to a sick child. I was later counselled and gained some hope of having a healthy baby.

I was enrolled on treatment and started taking drugs as prescribed. The hospital team also followed me at home to give continued counselling as they monitored my pregnancy. My hope for a healthy baby grew strong and stronger. Time came and I gave birth to Claire, a healthy daughter. Claire is now two years old and she has had a rapid HIV test 3 times and is negative.


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Our Services

Our team of doctors and nurses treat 1,600 people with HIV and TB in six different locations, managing to reach some of the most inaccessible places in the country to run a high quality mobile HIV education, testing and treatment service. We can even test for CD4 levels (a test of the immune system) in remote clinics on the edge of the Impenetrable Forest with our Pointcare Now! (read more) machine

In the Hospital the innovative HIV, TB and Women’s Health outpatient building integrates pregnancy care with HIV testing and treatment, with the goal of eliminating HIV in children. Six counsellors test more than 1,000 people each month for HIV and talk about the impacts of the disease and how to reduce risk. Specialist nurses work with pregnant women with HIV and with people who have Tuberculosis infection, both in the Hospital and in the community. Our team is led by Dr. Dan Mugisha, a Medical Officer.


  1. Have 1,745 patients in our HIV/AIDS Chronic care,
  2. TB prevalence brought down from 8% to 4.4%
  3. TB treatment compliance at 97%
  4. PMTCT success rate at 98.2%
  5. 4,372 people were tested for HIV in the past six months.141HIV positive people were enrolled into care.
  6. 44 HIV pregnant women and 50 babies born to HIV mothers were enrolled into PMTCT care
  7. Village 423 people were screened for TB and 58 patients with TB were identified and initiated on treatment.276 Health Promoters were sensitised on how to identify TB suspects and where to refer them.
  8. 17 new commercial sex workers joined the group. All tested for HIV, 4 of them tested positive and were enrolled into care.

How you can Help

The Hospital obtains most of the money to run the HIV service from partners such as the Civil Society Fund (CSF) and STAR-SW Projects, which are both due to end in September this year(2015). The Government of Uganda provides HIV drugs, TB drugs as well as HIV test kits. Since we don't have a functional CD4 machine, STAR-SW has been aiding in transporting our patients samples to Kanungu where the nearest CD4 machine is found.

However because of the expected end of both CSF and STAR-SW contracts in September this year, and the fact that we have not yet managed to secure any funding as yet to replace them, lives of 850clients who attend our HIV clinic as well as the thousands we reach with outreach messagesand support may be in balance since we may not be able to conduct outreach clinics. This is an area where we need your support. Any contribution, however large or small, will go directly to helping those most in need.

HIV positive pregnant women who are not on a treatment programme have a 30% chance of transmitting the virus to their unborn child. With our help, less than 1% of mothers transmit HIV to their baby.