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eQuality Health Bwindi is an innovative Health scheme that seeks to enable all members of the community around Bwindi to access affordable and sustainable quality health services. All members of the Bwindi community have the chance to subscribe to this scheme by making an annual payment of UGX 10,200 ($4) per person which entitles them to use Hospital Outpatient and Inpatient services including investigations, drugs and even operations at a cost of only UGX 2000 per visit. This scheme enables people to pay for health care collectively and in advance, instead of waiting until they become sick and fearing the cost of care, thus the slogan , Bataka Twetambire’ which means ‘Let’s Heal Ourselves’. It protects the poor, and enables them to have some control over their health care.

People join the scheme through their organized groups (bataka groups or burial societies). Individual group members pay an annual subscription of 10200 UGX which is collected through their bataka groups. More than 95% of people in the Bwindi area are members of these Bataka groups, which are used to collecting money for burials and other community events and have good internal systems of accountability. At least 80% [of the members in a group have to join to avoid ‘adverse selection’, and the premium has been set at a level that everyone can afford if they choose to join.

The annual cost for the scheme is about $244,800. Half of it is raised from annual community subscriptions.

We intend to raise the other $ 122,400 each year from supporters who want to help a program that help people help themselves.

The scheme is costing about $ 244,800 per year, half of which is raised from annual subscriptions’ from the community and the other half is from supporters who pick interest in helping the program that is helping people help themselves . If you can help or know someone who can help, please contact us.

The scheme that was launched in March 2010 membership has grown to 22,000 members. This is 36% of the target population of 60,000 people living in the three sub counties of Kayonza, Mpungu and Kanyantorogo. It is projected that the scheme uptake in the next two and a half years will be like,

June 2013 50% of 60,000 [30,000] members

June 2014 70% of 60,000 [42,000] members

June 2015 75% of 80,000 [60,000] members


Over 60,000 people have been registered onto an electronic database designed by our IT team at BCH, (click here to see sample Screenshots from the database system) , which we use to monitor who joins the scheme and follow the pattern of diseases in the Hospital and the community. This database includes GPS information to enable us to map diseases and poverty information which helps us to target the very poorest.

The scheme is administered by Bwindi community Hospital in collaboration with the community through their representatives selected at annually stake holders meeting that brings together all group leaders that make eQuality health Bwindi scheme .Its these group leaders who mobilize their folks, collect the money from them and remit it to the Hospital as community contribution to the cost of their health care.


To find out much more about the eQuality Health Bwindi scheme please download this leaflet eQuality case for support.


The quality framework that eQuality use to monitor the performance of the Hospital can be viewed here:

eQuality Measurement Framework

frameworkThe eQuality Measurement Framework includes:


  • 24 hour availability of doctors and nurses
  • Drugs and supplies are always available
  • High quality sanitation and infection control
  • The poor and the Batwa get guaranteed levels of access to Hospital services
  • Maximum waiting times for operations



If you would like to learn more about the scheme please click here for a presentation on 27 questions about eQuality

Also click here to view eQuality guidelines.

Click here to follow the progress of the scheme as all of the indicators are updated monthly eQuality reporting Framework.


  1. Our continuous awareness campaigns in the community through regular meetings with the bataka group members, and the quarterly radio talk shows have greatly increased demand for health care services, thus enabling us to enroll up to 46% of our target population.
  2. Several bataka group leaders and other community key stakeholders have been met, educated and trained in various aspects about eQuality Health membership scheme to give them basic knowledge and skills to enable them actively participate and involve in the scheme implementation activities at all levels.
  3. We have continued marketing the scheme in and beyond our catchment area targeting an additional 40,000 people in our neighborhood, of which close 10% have been added onto our database and 5% enrolled onto the scheme so far.
  4. We have been able to continuously attend to the scheme member’s day to day needs and managing their various complaints as required in the Hospital and eQuality office.

Marketing materials

Hospital Operating Expenditure

Opperating expenditureTo learn what the Hospital spends on each time we see a patient please click here or on the graph


  • Admission to Hospital $15 per day – average cost $72 for an admission
  • Caesarean Section $140
  • Outpatient consultation, investigation and treatment $6
  • X-ray $3




Bataka Twetambire - Let’s Heal Ourselves