Donars and Partners
Donors & Partners
Over 90% of the money needed to run Bwindi Community Hospital comes from contributions from our donors and partners, and none of the work we do in Bwindi would be possible without their generous support. Our supporters trust us to use their donations wisely because we have proven, time and again, that we deliver on our projects and services.

Our Principal Fundraising Charities

USA - The Kellermann Foundation (KF)
Based in Richardson, Dallas, Texas, USA, this federally qualified non-profit corporation is a registered 501(c) (3) charity with an active board of directors. The aims of this corporation include raising funds for deserving causes in Uganda, where one of the key partners is Bwindi Community Hospital. Should you wish to make a donation, which is tax deductible, to Bwindi Hospital then you are welcome to use this organisation and the contact details can be found under "Make a Donation" on this website. Please also visit the Kellermann Foundation website to learn more about the programs they are supporting at our Hospital. Bwindi Community Hospital is delighted to have the support of The Kellermann Foundation and appreciates very much its partnership arrangements.


UK - Friends of Bwindi Community Hospital (FOBCHC)
This United Kingdom charity was set up by the former Medical Superintendent of Bwindi Hospital Dr Paul Williams who, during his four years here with Vicky Holt, was instrumental in major develops of the Hospital for which the local community will always be grateful. FOBCHC is a registered charity located in London and actively raises funds exclusively for our Hospital. Their contact details can be found under "Make a Donation" on this website or at the Friends of Bwindi website The support efforts of the team at Friends of Bwindi are very much appreciated by all at the Hospital.

Our Donors

Our family support the work in Bwindi because we can see exactly where our money goes and the Hospital always provides good accountability - whether it be financial reports on the website or stories and photos showing how they use our donations to directly benefit the people in the local area. They never lose focus on the main objective; to prevent disease where it is possible to do so, and to provide excellent treatment services accessible to all, especially the very poorest. We will continue to support them as long as they do this

- Michael, Susan, and Conor Coyle. Vancouver, Canada.


Donors and PartnersWhen I first visited Bwindi Community Hospital, I was overwhelmed and impressed by it’s efficiency and organization for such a young hospital in the middle of a remote rain forest with no electricity.  One thing, however, did puzzle me.  After touring the entire facility, nowhere had I seen a laundry room, an essential component of any hospital.  When I inquired, I was told in fact that there wasn’t one.  No laundry room in a hospital?  How on earth did one ensure that bed linens and towels and scrubs were effectively cleaned?

I was then told that it was the local villagers who washed all of the blankets and sheets on the lawn, by hand, and in cold water.  I could not accept this, and consequently decided to contribute funding in order to create a proper hospital laundry room.  My money bought washing machines and driers, a pressing table to iron and fold the linens, as well as a constructed storage space for the freshly washed items. A spacious area was appropriated for this new facility and I made sure to donate enough to tile and paint the room, so as to create a clean atmosphere for the new laundry room.

 Convinced that my project was complete, I then learned that there was not sufficient power to generate the appliances. Thanks to other donors a new generating plant has now been built.

 I am very proud of the ways in which my contribution has made a difference to the cleanliness and the quality of the Hospital, especially now that the Hospital has a fully functioning operating room, thanks to the generous contribution of fellow donors.

Of course the Hospital’s functions are many as it also strives to educate a people with one of the highest birth rates in Africa. When I first visited the hospital, I was encouraged to assist in the Hospital’s family planning program that strove to reduce the country’s average birth rate of 7 children per mother. When we started, only 100 women a month were coming to Bwindi for birth control. Now the number is 500 and rising! We have 40 villagers trained in giving contraceptive injections and we are even starting to change some of the attitudes of the men. I am greatly encouraged by the positive results that my contributions have enabled, and I feel no hesitation about continuing to provide assistance to the Bwindi Community Hospital in the future. It is an extremely deserving cause.

- Esther Baird.  Ottawa, Canada

We have supported Bwindi Community Hospital over the last few years because they really deliver – quite literally. Emily and I have five children and we wanted to help women in the Bwindi area to access safer deliveries. When we began our support in 2007 only 35 women gave birth in Bwindi each month, and the labour ward was a small room next to the adult ward. We donated funds for a Maternity ward and labour room that was built to a high standard and with excellent accountability. We were so impressed by the success of our initial investment that we encouraged friends to support the running costs of the unit during the first year of operation.

 Now there are more than 100 women giving birth in the safety of the Hospital each month rather than at home, and the Maternity Ward is packed to capacity. Our next step is to help with some of th e costs of doubling the size of the ward. We know that Bwindi Community Hospital often struggles to raise the money that it needs to run each year, and highly commend them to any potential supporter. We are proud to be able to work with Bwindi

- Bill & Emily Reedy.  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Our Partners

Our strong partnerships with organizations around the world have enabled us to provide some of the best health services in Uganda at Bwindi Community Hospital, and we are proud of our achievements that have been made possible with the help of our partners.


Sustain for Life
Sustain For Life has supported the work of Bwindi Community Hospital for several years; paid for the feeding programme at the Hospital for our patients and staff, supported Child Healthcare Access Programme (CHAP) -a programme that enabled all children under the age of five in the Bwindi area to access free healthcare.

Sustain For Life supports Live at Birth project which grew out of (CHAP) and also support the growing of nutritional and fresh food at the hospital to feed patients and staff.



Elton John AIDS Foundation
In June 2009, the Elton John AIDS Foundation awarded Bwindi Community Hospital a grant that will cover a large portion of the costs to run our HIV/AIDS programme area for the next four years. We are grateful to EJAF for enhancing the HIV/AIDS care at the Hospital, and for their future commitment to us.

Swarovski Crystal
Swarovski Crystal has given us support for a water and sanitation project at the Hospital, and has helped us to make improvements to our Operating Theatre.


Marie Stopes International
Marie Stopes International and Bwindi Community Hospital have recently formed a partnership to help poor, rural pregnant women access safe pregnancy and delivery care in the Hospital for only $1.50 per person. Marie Stopes reimburses BCH for a portion of the actual cost of providing services. Thanks to Marie Stopes International, many women in this area now have access to affordable, safe deliveries.


Rotary International
Rotary International has been a large supporter of the Hospital since it was founded in 2003. Rotary paid for the first building at Bwindi Community Hospital, provided us with our x-ray and ultrasound machines, bought equipment for our Operating Theatre, and recently gave a significant contribution for our power project.  Another Rotary group paid for the introduction of a telephone in the Hospital.

Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy

Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy has supported the HIV CD4 testing at Bwindi Community Hospital, enabling more than 600 people living with HIV to get essential monitoring tests


TOUCH Uganda
The support we have received from TOUCH Uganda has enabled us to furnish a new Child Health unit, and has helped us to provide life saving services to children of the Bwindi area


Joint Clinical Research Centre
The Joint Clinical Research Centre has been a strong supporter of the Hospital, providing BCH with antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS patients


Gorilla Forest Camp
Gorilla Forest Camp has strongly supported Bwindi Community Hospital by helping us to form partnerships with its clients.


Pointcare Technologies
Pointcare Technologies has revolutionized the care we can give to our clients on outreach clinics with the donation of a portable CD4 machine. Before we had this machine, we had to take blood samples on the back of a motorbike for four hours through the Impenetrable Forest to the nearest laboratory, and leave them there for a week. With the arrival of this machine, we can test blood on site, and have CD4 results to patients within 8 minutes.

M2SYS and Bwindi Community Hospital

M2SYS has agreed to sell us their patented fingerprint technologies and software at a discounted rate, and has thus enabled us to have access to the software that is critical to our ability to bring modernized healthcare to Bwindi. With the help of M2SYS, we hope to develop an efficient, reliable and comprehensive electronic healthcare system in rural Uganda.

Buy-A-Net Malaria Prevention Group (BAN)
Buy-a Net Malaria Prevention Group (BAN) and the Government of Canada (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development) are supporting BCH’s Community Outreach Department to implement the HEAL Project - Health for All, One Village At a Time. Over the four years from 2013-2017, BCH’s Community Health and Batwa (CH&B) Team aim to reduce maternal and child mortality rates in the 101 villages in the three sub-counties of BCH’s catchment area. This will be achieved by working with 496 volunteer village health team (VHT) members in the 101 villages who will make regular visits to the estimated 13,000 households to conduct household education sessions on safe motherhood, family planning and child health and identify/monitor pregnant women and children under five. Every four weeks, the seven CH&B nurses will travel by motorcycle to meet the VHT members in the village to review the results of their work and visit any pregnant women or child identified to be at risk or potentially at risk. As well, the health card of every child under five will be checked to ensure that they are fully immunized. The VHT household education sessions will be reinforced by monthly one hour radio broadcasts focusing on safe motherhood, family planning and child health. In addition, the community team will ensure that every household has at least two long lasting insecticide treated bed nets to offer protection against the killer disease of malaria.

Buhoma Lodge
Buhoma Lodge has supported the Hospital for years by promoting our work to their clients

Programme for Accessible Health, Communication, and Education
PACE has sponsored basic care packages for HIV positive patients. The packages include two mosquito nets, four bottles of Water Guard for purifying water, a water vessel, a water filter cloth, a guide to positive living, and 60 condoms.


The Tides Foundation
The Tides Foundation has supported some of our Family Planning services.


AIDS Information Centre
AIDS Information Centre provides Bwindi Community Hospital with HIV test kits.


Volcanoes Safaris
Volcanoes Safaris has provided sponsorship for an overseas fundraising event and promotes the work of Bwindi Community Hospital to its’ clients.


Destiny Foundation
The Destiny Foundation sponsored the cost of the reagents needed to test cell counts in HIV patients for one year.


Family Health International
Family Health International has supported the family planning services available through the Hospital through training.


Reedy Cares
Reedy Cares generously paid for the construction of our Maternity Ward, enabling thousands of women to deliver safely in a Hospital environment.


Australian High Commission
In October 2009, the Australian High Commission awarded BCH a grant that will enable us to increase the number of women delivering safely at the Hospital.


The Macauley Foundation
The McCauley Foundation has given annual support to the child health and surgical departments at Bwindi Community Hospital. 


Everyday Language Solutions
Everyday Language Solutions contributed to the cost of an ambulance for our outreach teams.


Jewish Long Island Health Care System
The Jewish Long Island Health Care System gave a generous contribution towards the construction of accommodation for our staff.


Leading Lady Foundation
The Leading Lady Foundation has supported the work in our Sexual and Reproductive Health programme area.


The $10 Club
The $10 Club helped us to construct the Waiting Mother’s Hostel at the Hospital, a place where women who are waiting to deliver can stay free of charge.


Wild Frontiers
Wild Frontiers has supported our HIV/AIDS interventions.

Bwindi Trust
The Bwindi Trust supported the construction of the roof of our Outpatient Building.


University of Western Ontario
In May 2010, the first year Economics students (Instructor Jeannie Gillmore) lead by Conor Coyle raised money for the Hospital particularly towards the purchase of more mosquito nets for children. Conor has also donated his time in the past and volunteered at the Hospital.


CORE Foundation
The CORE Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in Calgary, Alberta, and all donations are tax deductible. Donations, earmarked for the Bwindi Community Hospital, can be made via (CanadaHelps will deduct an administration fee; charity search name: Canadians Organized for Relief Effort) or by mailing a cheque or money order to: #301, 1225 15the Ave SW. Calgary, Alberta. T3C 0X6 (100% of the donation will go directly to Bwindi Community Hospital as CORE will not deduct an administration fee). Contact the CORE Foundation for bank transfer details (

The following are partners who have generously given towards general running costs of Bwindi Community Hospital:

Mirianog Trust
Christchurch Great Ayton
Broder Foundation
Church of Apostles
Great Ayton Methodist Church
Trinity Lutheran Church
Surgicorps International

All of the Hospital services are made possible by our donors and partners, who cover over 90% of our costs.

Michael, Susan, and Conor Coyle.