Operating Expenditure by Category - 2014/2015

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Annual Report & Finance

The Hospital relies on donations from organisations and individuals for over 90% of its’ running costs, and would not be able to provide the services we do were it not for the help we receive from our supporters.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability, and for this reason we have published our financial documents and audited accounts for anyone to look at. We are proud of the way we manage our finances, and invite people to see for themselves just how we have put their money to good use.

Annual Reports

It is with great pleasure that we share highlights of our operations with you. We are equally delighted that you have spared your valuable time to read through our annual report.

Your invaluable contribution, in any form, keeps us on a mara┬Čthon track towards attainment of our vision of a healthy and productive community, with excellent health care accessible to all. It is against this background that we bring you some of our achievements, share our dreams and some challenges too. To the team here, every challenge or failure has been progress in some way providing opportunity for partnerships, audits and self reflection that have all contributed to quality improvement in our services. Now with our multidisciplinary staff, Bwindi Community Hospital is poised to offer specialist services in the near future. Our multipronged approach includes building human resource base that encompasses training of registered nurses at Uganda Nursing School- Bwindi and sponsoring specialist training for doctors. This happens hand in hand with improvement of infrastructure, es-pecially in the area of diagnostics, to be able to deal with the changing disease pattern and health needs. Focused and evidence based public health intervention in the community is a key pillar of our services.

It is interesting to note that;
  • Hospitalization among adults due to HIV related complications has reduced to 4% compared to 60% five years ago.
  • HIV transmission from mothers to their babies is less than 2% while 97% of our clients complete their TB treatment.
  • Outpatient visits due to Malaria have reduced from 14% three years ago to 4%
  • Heart disease and physical injuries now rank top as reason for hospitalization among adults. Malaria and diarrheal disease rank third and fourth among causes of illness in the area.
  • Child deaths have reduced from 92/1000 live births three years ago to 62/10000 today. Ma-ternal deaths have reduced but are still of great concern. Last year there were five maternal deaths in our catchment area. In the same period we registered 1, 880 live births.

Certainly, you have been part of these achievements. So if you can, read on for these and more in this report. You can Download our annual report from our website; www.bwindihospital.com for more information.

Our goals for 2020

  • Fully fledged referral specialist centre in the region
  • Reduce maternal mortality in the area by 25%
  • Reduce child mortality by 25%
  • Reduce unmet need for Family planning to less than 10%
  • Increase number of people with health insurance plan with our insurance scheme to 60%
  • Generate 60% of our running costs from local sources.
  • Graduate top notch nurses from Uganda Nursing School Bwindi

Six years ago, 95% of our running costs were financed through donations. Today this has reduced to 68% and we all joyfully share in what we have achieved. I therefore thank all of you who have been supportive through this transition period and urge you not to tire because, together, we have touched and saved many lives.


Highlights include:

During 2014/15, the Hospital Performance was as follows:

  Outpatients department consultations Close to 30,000
  Byumba and Kanyanshogyi OPD Attendance 3563 (among them, 361 Batwa)
  Malnutrition Screening Increased to 73%
  Hospital Deliveries 1374
  Surgery (Caesarean Sections)449
  Admissions to the adult's and children's wards 2194
  Community Health: School Talks Over 6000 students participated
  Mortality Rate of both Neonates and Infants Reduced from 5% to 3%
  HIV testing 65,537
  Number of clients enrolled in HIV care118
  Bed occupancy rate 66%
  Average length of stay 6 days
  TB treatment completion rate97%
  Cervical Cancer Screening250 women screened (25 turned positive)
  Health insurance scheme subscription7,000 new members recruited

To learn more about these achievements and other information, please read the latest Bwindi Community Hospital annual report, 2016/17.

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Household Survey

Each year we conduct a Household Survey, measuring things like the percentage of people we serve sleeping under mosquito nets and whether or not children in our catchment area have been immunised. We collect this information in order to guide our future work, so that we know which areas we are succeeding in, and which areas we need to work harder.


A comparative study of HIV risk factors and health care utilization between the batwa pygmies and surrounding Communities of Kanungu District, South west Uganda. >

The Household Survey report for 2012 is currently being compiled.


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Strategic Plan

We have ambitious plans for the future. To find out about what we would like to achieve by 2019, please read our Strategic plan.

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Audited Accounts

Each year we have our accounts audited by Carr Stanyer Sims & Co, a reputable independent firm based in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.


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Every dollar donated to Bwindi Community Hospital is fully accounted for.